Volunteer Support

Through the use of our brand new database our volunteers can call on the help of other Friends of the Oratory to help parishioners in need.
WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER. That something may have nothing to do with your job.

We encourage all our Friends to tell us about their skills, talents or interests. The more you tell us the more useful the database will be. This information will not be used for any other purpose than helping our volunteers help those in need.  

It could be a hobby such a cooking or DIY that you never considered would be useful outside of your own home or even a practical skill such as hairdressing. For example, help could take the form of baking a cake for an elderly parishioner’s birthday or simply helping write their Christmas cards.

Please complete the box below, giving indications of any skills, talents or interests.


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Any skills, hobbies or interests that could help the Parish in anyway (this could be your profession or something you do in your spare time such as cooking). The more detail you give us the more we can use your unique talents to help other parishioners; please specify:

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